Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 11: Try Green Chili

Ok, I'm going to admit this: I am a complete wimp when it comes to spicy foods. Hot wings, hot chili, hot peppers, etc all make me cry. My friend Mike made some genuine Green Chili on Friday (so this post was supposed to occur Friday....but i was slackin' all weekend) and since he informed me "Oh, its not that hot," I decided to give it a go. It was DELICIOUS!! So glad I took the plunge!

This is Mike, the chef, he was being a little modest so he would only let us take a pic of the back of his head.

And this is me, halfway through my Mexican pizza with green chili..mmm (me lookin pale as always!)

Day 10: Debut New Steeze (snowboarding gear)

Here it is...the moment you've all been waiting for: my new steezey steeze! I did need new pants, my old ones had lost all their water repellent...and Josh was making fun of my wet butt on the mountain! I found a pair in my backyard Snowboard Shop, TS on Broadway....$85. The jacket, however, I need like a need a hole in the head, but it was originally $287, marked down to $99. Couldn't. Pass. It. Up.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 9: Sorry I was Snowboarding.

Ok, I apologize I didn't get a post up until 9:30pm. But I was doing this. I did take some photos today, but I got to Josh's and realized I forgot the most important piece to uploading photos: the cord. So here are some of my favorite photos....well the only photos, anyone's took of me snowboarding.

And I really can't wait for this:
     This is me and Jenn on a chairlift.  I miss her so much. Can't wait to ride with her on Sunday Funday!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 8: Invest in Good Running Shoes

I have sort of a love/ hate relationship with running. I love it. My knees hate it. It turns out I was blessed with bad knees and so I've been told to get better shoes. I have always been the bargain shopper and my last pair of running shoes I got for $28. You get what you pay for. Indeed, they have already bit the dust and I've only had them for 6 months. And wowzers, did they hurt my feet! I was in Nordstrom Rack the other day, and running shoes the last thing from my mind in that wonderful store. But I saw these. Instantly fell in love. Size 11 (hey Nike's run big OK?!!!!!) My first pair of black running shoes. Which is brilliant because they don't show dirt at all. And well. I run HARD! (for the .5 miles before I tire and cry) Spent a little more this time but I'm pretty happy with the price tag of $54 (with tax) And they have this thing called Nike Fitsole.....heaven I tell you! Absolute heaven!
Oh yeah new kicks!

I was going to wear capris today but I marched my happy butt inside and put on some pants! Not as warm as i thought!

I'm not sure why in every photo I kicked my leg up like that...guess I'm "posing" (cartoon feature on Kodak Easy share)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 7: DIY Colored Thread Bracelet

Remember the bottom part of the tshirt I cut off the other day....well momma always said "waste not, want not." I'm not really sure I know what that means but the Indians didn't waste any part of the buffalo, and we're not wasting parts of the tshirt!
I came up with this little idea all you need is:

Bottom part of old tshirt, skizzers, tapestry needle, and cross-stitch thread (this bag I've had since the days of making friendship bracelets)

  Thread your needle, pick your first color, and start stitching. No particular pattern, in fact, the sloppier the better in my opinion.

 Stitch about, oh 4 or 5 inches, then stitch back the other direction, once again, no particular pattern and the sloppier the better.
                                                                    Change colors, repeat.

                                             Closer look at my beautiful stitching. I think i have a future here.

                                                         Keep stitching, all the way around the horn.

                                      Wrap it around your wrist and voila! a rather cute bracelet.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 6: Complete First Sinus Rinse

So as you may have read on my recent posts, I am a little sickery these days. Having a hard time breathing and stopping my nose from leaking snot 24/ roommate (whom I believe gave me this little bug in the firstplace, you hooker!) "Have you ever tried a sinus rinse?" What the f is a sinus rinse? Well......I will show you


                                          The devil torture devices.......

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 5: DIY necklace/scarf

So I can't take credit for this one. Saw it on a blog called Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno...

Problem. I love all my tshirts. So off to the goodwill I go!

                                           Pink Tags are 50% off today so lets find a pink tag!

Cut tshirt just below pits, and also cut off bottom thingy. 

 Then cut one continuous strand. Put around legs for more control. Lovely view of my crotch here!

See what I'm doin' here...
Start looping, gather it all at the top, then tie both ends together. (check out my lovely Dexter approved door)

 And here is the finished product!
I suppose I'll model my creation but I'm not, repeat not, showing my face today. Still sick and pale. 

Big gulps, huh? Welp! See ya later!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 4: Share Pretty Pictures You've Taken

So I didn't make it to the mountains this weekend. I have become an incubus of viral plague so I haven't been able to venture out of the house. So in lack of anything exciting going on, I've decided to share some pretty pictures I've taken over the years. I don't have a fancy camera, nor am I by any means a photographer, I just wanted to share these with someone.

These are just some of my favorites I've taken. In no particular order. Taken with a Kodak Easy Share that I had for about ten years. It finally died and I cried because they don't manufacture that particular model anymore. I then replaced it with an Easy Share has also bitten the dust. The last photos are taken with the camera my darling boyfriend just gave to me, "here, you can have this, I'm not a picture taker" Nice camera though. Sony Cyber-shot... Takes pretty decent photos I think.

                                              Church in Nevada on my "Harley Tour" with Johnny
                                           Taken at Rodizios, I am in a meat coma.
                                           One of my favorite photos of Lee and Rhona.
                                                   Hike taken in my old Vail "back yard"
                                            San Fran baby, San Fran.
                                           Taken outside that same old church in Nevada.
               Pretty Colorado flower, my first real camping experience. Digging holes and pooing in them.
                     Taken at Nevada's "Oldest Thirst Parlor" pretty sure those bottles have been there awhile.
                                                                      Lake Tahoe

Mom said, don't take a picture that way! Look at that glare. I think the glare is what make this picture awesome.
             All of the following were taken last week, downtown trip with momma Terri

I'm sure there will be more to follow, I like to dabble with photography from time to time.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 3: Make a shoe rack out of randomness found in your basement.

I'm not gonna lie sportsfans...I've felt better. Between the slight hangover, runny nose(i had to shove two tissues up my nose so I could type this) sore throat, and thumping headache.....I feel like a poo sandwich. But I'm still gonna post.

My dilemma: I have lots of shoes, and they are all sad and stuck in this ugly blue box. I need to set them free! And I have been blessed in finding a room with two, I repeat two, closets. So I ventured down to our slightly damp and extremely scary basement (not kidding it looks like a horror movie could be filmed down there) and found some boards! Luckily my landlord dabbled in the art of D.I.Y. home renovations.

What you need: four boards, hammer, nails

And there you have it, the world's most unsturdy shoe rack. (as it turns out the top board needs to be slightly longer than the middle board)...but hey, I made it work.

Might not be a post for the next couple of days. I am off from work, and therefore I SNOWBOARD! I will be in the mountains with little to no internet access but hopefully I will get some good footage of my adventures in snowboarding. See ya Monday night kiddos!

Day 2: Ride your bike to Happy Hour

Day 2 and i'm already slacking! Good thing I have no followers yet...(loser) Sorry people Happy Hour turned into wings, which turned into more beers, and next thing you know its midnight. So I apologize for already missing a post!
This is something I have always wanted to do, I'd see people that roll up on their bikes and think to myself "that's awesome! Work for your beers!" And now I finally live in a place that allows me to do so!

Hat (Wal-Mart $6) Tank and Cardi (J Crew, Vday present from my lova!) bag (Forever 21 gift from Momma) Jeans (thrifted $5) Cons (chrissy gift from Momma)

I am doing lots of trial and error with this whole, "taking photos of myself thing. But love our little orange hippie shack in the backyard..i wanted to get that little lovely guy in there somehow!

Me at Happy Hour. Looking rather happy. Stole this hat from Travis. He was wearing mine.