Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 60: Dress with Jeans? Glamour says its ok!

So I was always under the impression that jeans under a dress were a no-no. I looked outside this morning, saw the sun was shining, to double confirm the nice-ness,  I went out on my back porch, and yep, glorious warm day. Put on my favorite little dress, stepped out my front door, and marched my happy ass back inside and put on some pants. (Sidenote: always check the weather report in Colorado. Double sidenote: always, always, always bring a jacket.) Rather than change my whole ensemble I decided to just throw a pair of jeans on because said it was okay! And smart!

shoes: Target $12, Jeans: MEK ($100 circa 2003-ish), Purse: F21 (gift from Momma Terri) Dress: American Rag $40, Tank: F21: $3.50, Sweater: Express (mmm had it since high school unsure the price) Shades: Ray Ban: Gift from Lover Boy

this is my sexy face...obviously

Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 59: Bejeweled

If anyone is wondering, yes.....yes I get still get Easter presents at age 26. I got a card in the mail last Friday, and yesterday, glorious yesterday, I got a package too! From whom, you ask? Duh, my mom, the coolest person on this planet! It contained:
#1) These awesome earrings from Silpada
#2) Roughly 75 necklaces with awesome large jewels and beads (ok so it was only 4) all with earrings
Linny happy!

Here's a kiss Momma! Love you!

Because I was so happy I decided to prance around my room and take pictures of myself in awkward poses...doesn't everyone do this?
I decided these two together were my favorite. But there are so many options!
And one more you ever have one of those days where your hair just decides to cooperate? Today was one of those days...look at those perfect bed heady waves....and I didn't do a thing but let mother nature run its course. Yep...sometimes you just have to let it air-dry my friends.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 58: They have been chosen! (my 30 for 30)

My 30 for 30: Gifted or Thrifted items have been chosen. I know I have 2 days left of April, but I'm all about doing stuff in advance these days! This is a challenge where you wear only these 30 items for 30 days, no shopping allowed. I decided since I am such a thrifty little devil, and I've been given some pretty spectacular gifts in my day, I would do a Gifted or Thrifted version of 30 for 30. All the items I chose have A. been bought a a thrift store or B. given to me by someone.

They have been chosen.............they must goooooooooooooooooooooooo....for some reason the phrase "has been chosen" will forever make me think of the Toy Story aliens. I always use that voice too.

1. Converse (Gifted, Momma Terri)
2. Oxfords (Thrifted $4)
3. Wedges (Thrifted $10)
4. Boots (Thrifted $12)
5. Flats (Thrifted $6)
6. Sandals (Gifted, Momma Terri)
7. Wool Sweater (Thrifted $4)
8. J Crew Cardigan (Gifted, boyfriend Josh)
9. F21 Cardigan (Gifted, friend Danielle)
10. Calvin Klein Jacket (Gifted, Momma Terri)
11. Leather Jacket (Thrifted $12)
12. Polka Dot Camisole (Thrifted $2)
13. Floral Dress (Gifted, Momma Terri)
14. Patterned Dress (Thrifted $7)
15. Polka Dot Shirt: (Thrifted $3.50)
16. Checkered Shirt: (Thrifted $3.50)
17. Striped Shirt: (Thrifted $2)
18. Green Shirt (Thrifted $3.50)
19: Shorts (Thrifted $3)
20. Skirt (Thrifted $4)
21. Jeans (Thrifted $5)
22. Pants (Thrifted $4)
23. Pants (Thrifted $5)
24: Floral (Gifted, Momma Terri)
25. Blue (Gifted, Momma Terri)
26: Daytrip Shirt (Gifted, Sister Mallory)
27: Tank with wooden beads (Gifted, Momma Terri)
28. Striped Tank (Thrifted $3)
29: Polka Dot Tank: (Thrifted $2.50)
30. Floral Vest (Thrifted $4)

There you have it my Gifted or Thrifted 30 for 30. I will post my first outfit post on May 1st. Oh and as a little added twist my accessories will be gifted, thrifted, or made by moi as well! I will post those tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 57: Double Denim

I broke one of fashion rules today: I wore Denim on Denim...scary thought. There is a way to do this so you dont look like you're wearing a Canadian Tuxedo: 

Before Justin was fashionable and Britney was crazy

Double denim golden rules

1 No belt, please. With a belt, the look that you were hoping projected Paris catwalk insouciance becomes unreconstructed Idaho truck driver.
2 You need contrast in colour: One piece should be a darker-hued denim. You might want this on your bottom half, darker colours being more slimming, but beware: a pale denim shirt can wash out your skintone.
3 Don't go with a very fine chambray shirt with a very heavy denim jean. That's not double denim, that's cheating, and it doesn't have the right impact.
4 Break up the heaviness of the look with something light and feminine: the strap of a fabulous ChloƩ or Mulberry cross-body handbag, perhaps; or a gorgeous pair of dangly earrings; or wear the shirt open one extra button to show off a tiny glimpse of a pretty camisole.
5 Roll your sleeves up and highlight bare wrists with a bracelet or a cocktail ring.
6 Finally, no cowboy boots. Keep feet semi-naked in ballet pumps or a pretty flat sandal.

Which outfit should I choose?  (please ignore the horrible lighting, my camera died and I had to leave it plugged in to take pictures)


 I broke a few of the "Double Denim Golden Rules" here. So I'm thinking the one with the scarf is the best. I did break rule #6 of "No cowboy boots" but these don't quite qualify, do they? When it gets a bit warmer I'll throw on some sandals I promise! That and this scarf makes me extremely happy, every time I look down at it, I think of my momma and how rad she is. Any thoughts? Which one do you like?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 56: Found:Sweatpants alternative

I'm a sweatpants kind of girl. Its true. I lived in sweatpants my entire college career basically. I did make a vow in 2011 to not leave the house in them unless I could absolutely help it:
3 times its okay to wear sweatpants in public:
#1) late night trips to 7-11 for emergency chocolate and gummy bears
#2) when you are barfing, snotting, coughing, etc all over the place and need to head to Walgreens for some cold and flu medicine
#3) you are exercising, heading to and from the gym, to practice, to play a sport, etc

I just have an entire wardrobe of cuteness that hardly gets to see the light of day as it is. I have found that tights are just as comfortable as sweatpants (gasp) and you don't look like a homeless person.
Shoes: Goodwill $6, Tights: F21 (gift from mom eons ago) Cardigan: F21 (gift from mom) Tant: Buckle $12, Necklace: Goodwill $6
 That and can sweatpants do this: have button details. Nope!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 55: Vail Closing Day 2011

Wowzers did I have a pretty great weekend! Vail's Closing Day, or "4 at 4" was yesterday...basically just a huge party where all the locals blow off some well deserved steam. The point is to wear the craziest outfit possible (mostly hideous 80's onsies) party all day, and hopefully staying sober enough to celebrate the last chair of the season which happens at the top of chair 4, at that's how it gets the name "4 at 4" (that is kinda a horrible description but its all I could muster, do yourself a favor and go see it yourself next year)  It is a complete blast and not even the cold temperatures and snow accumulation could keep people away. I, sadly, forgot to charge my camera on Saturday and did not get any photos (idiot!) but here's a few I found on the 'net just to give you an idea of the craziness.
This photo is from Opening Day a couple years ago, I wore the lovely puke green ensemble again yesterday.

Also here's a link to watch a video that sums its all up. watch the one from "Brobible"..

So after all that nonsense, I was ready to just have a relaxing day today of recovery. Movie, laundry, library, and naptime for me all day today. It. Was. Glorious!

Hope you all had a spectacular weekend as well!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 54: Am I the only one who loses rings?

Ok, seriously, I am starting to get a little aggravated with myself...i lose rings like no other! Remember this awesome ring that my moms got me? The one I will cherish forever because we bought it when we were in Denver for the first time together?
lets not freak....I didn't lose it. It's at Yuki's house, I'm going to get it tonight. I called her last Saturday freaking out 'cuz I thought it find its way into the black hole that all of my rings eventually fall into. I never lose necklaces, shoes, pants, shirts, scarves, or anything else, only rings. I'm still in my twenties, I'm going to have to crash at peoples' houses from time to time, does anybody have a method for not losing their rings? I just can't get myself to sleep in them, I have to take them off. I have one that my Mom gave me for my 21st birthday that I hardy ever wear because I'm terrified of losing it. Somebody help me!
The funny thing is the 2 crappy rings I spent $2 a piece on I have had forever. Figures.

And I'm excited to try these new outfits: 
and remember: Everyday is Earth Day!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 52: Three Amigos

I wanted to share this picture with everyone. These are my two girls: Jenn and Megs. This is the first picture taken of us together...since, gosh, like 4 years ago! This picture was taken a month or so ago but I just found it! Thought it was deleted! So glad its not.
See Jenn (on the left) is the reason I came to Colorado, I met her briefly for the first time my junior year of college and no joke my first words about her was "who does this skank think she is?" I then befriended Megs (on the right) my Senior year of college when we both had Corporate Finance together...which she claims to this day, she only passed that class because of me. You're welcome darlin'. (additional note: swear I also had a guy date me so he could pass accounting, he dumped me after the semester ended, it ain't easy bein' a dork peoples!) Anyways Megs played soccer with Jenn and Megs let me know that no Jenn was absolutely not a skank and that I should meet her to confirm. She was right, she is far from skank, she's got crazy eyes at times, but the biggest heart ever and she is pretty amazing I'll have to admit.
So Jenn, asked Megs and I if we would like to come to Vail, Colorado for Christmas Break back in 2006, we said something along the lines of "does the pope wear a funny hat?" and off we went.
What can I say, I feel in love immediately and can't imagine being anywhere else but Colorado. So this is a special shout out to my girls: Jennifer and Megan for opening my eyes to this wonderful place. I love you girls, can't wait to we are together again!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 51: Behind door number one

And Behind Door #1 we have.................

 Hmmmmm fiberglass insulation! Be gone, you! There's springtime that I need better access to!
I learned a valuable lesson when putting the insulation into the door: no gloves + no protective eyewear= itchiness galore!

See! Easy exit strategy. Eventually I want to create an extension of my room out to the porch....get some lights, outdoor sofas, ottaman, etc. You know for all my homies to hang out at. Oh and disclaimer: not my road bike. I don't do road bikes. No offense to those that do, just not my cup of tea. 

That and no one looks good in spandex. Cam had to find that out the hard way. 

Items that I would like to have on my  "Lovers Only Backporch Awesomeness"

If money was no object...this would be lovely  
if I had a roof over my head...something like this...too cute
this is probably only 6,000 dolla....chump change!

 I would really like to include some lights in my "Lovers Only Backporch Awesomeness"

 In reality I'll probably find some crappy stained sofa on craigslist and my half lit string of Christmas Lights. Oh well, here's to dreamland!