Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 108: What's in the Bucket? Part II

I'm gonna take y'all back a few weeks to my bday list. I was lusting over a pair of patterned shorts from JCrew.
 Or these floral ones from Loft...

I have been on the Goodwill Hunt ever since. And last Thursday, I found some.
Oh yeah, I put the spotlight on 'em.
Shoes: Goodwill $5, Shorts: Goodwill $3, Shirt: JCrew Outlet $30

And I have also been wanting some boat shoes ever since I saw my friend Laura prancing around in them last fall. Snagged these for $5, brand new, tags still on 'em.
I really wanted the pink ones, but they didn't have them in Sasquatch size :(
I was so pumped to find these, and at $3, put 'em in the bucket!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 108: Thrifty Thursday: BucketList

So, I went a little crazy today. I completely forgot about this Goodwill that's really close to my office, it is a hidden gem, strategically placed next to a Dairy Queen, so after people spend ridiculous amounts at the Goodwill, they can drown their sorrows in a large ice cream sundae (errrr that's not what I did by any means)

First off, lets start with this lovely striped outdoor bucket (what I'm going to use it for I'm not sure, but I had to have it, still had the price tag on it, it was originally $15, I snagged it for $5) when checking out the cashier asked, "can I just stick all this back in the bucket?" "You certainly may!"

What she carefully placed back in the bucket:
6 colorful candlesticks $12
3 outdoor striped plates $3
1 red heart scarf (love, love, love) $2
1 crazy tribal patterned hankie $1
1 colorful belt $1
1 pair of boat shoes $5 (brand new tags on 'em)
1 peachy lace camisole $3
1 pair of patterned shorts $3 (which I am so excited about!!!!)

So, I've decided to space out all of my treasures over the next couple of days, wouldn't want you all to get too excited (or insanely jealous) of all my purchases.

"What is in that bucket? Part I" 

I'm calling this outfit "Just Peachy"

This cami was an impulse purchase, I had my trophy bucket, was standing in line, when I glanced over, it was size small and I just took a chance and hoped it would fit, it did, little snug, but nothing I can't handle.

sorry about the lovely bra strap showing, I just wanted to show the back detail.
Stayed tuned for "What is in that bucket? Part II"

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 107: What I've been Dune-ing

Hello all,

Sorry I have been MIA for the past few days, but I had such an awesome weekend. There really is no better word to describe it, "awesome" is what it was.

Backstory: My friend Laura from Lauraland Design link to her website, won a photoshoot with the gals from Love n Joy photography link to their website. The theme was "Great Gatsby" It looked amazing. The weather was super cooperative, and fun was had by all. 
Can't wait for the professional photos to emerge. But for now, here's my crappy photography skills, and what I captured.

The Backdrop:

The girls:

 The boys:

The group:

Disclaimer: I did not take this photo, Cyndi did with her fancy Iphone-a-ma-gigger
 And me:

This is a fashion faux pas there is no doubt, but this sand gets up to 140 degrees sweethearts!

They had Columbia hiking boots in the 1920's right?

 After the shoot, we camped, drank lots of beer and mint julips, talked about everything and at the same time nothing at all, made some great new friends, visited with old ones, ate smores, played bocce ball, took in a gorgeous sunset, and had a fantastic view of the stars. One of the best times I've had this summer, maybe ever.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 106: Backpack Lust!

So I watched Blue Valentine on Monday night and, wowzers, what a depressing movie! The reviews said it was going to be "rather depressing" but goodness!

Here is a summary of the movie according to Lindsey:
Cindy (Michelle Williams character) has her life on track and is going to school to be a doctor, she gets knocked up by this asshole jock, she dumps the jock, meets Ryan Gosling's character (cannot remember his name, I was much too distracted by how they got his hairline to recede) , they have a few wonderful nights together (don't think she ever actually loved him but was pleased with him) she tries to have a smishsmortion, doesn't go throw with it, afterwards Ryan says "Lets be a family" and marries her with another man's child in her belly. 5 odd years later, she resents him for everything, not graduating high school or "doing something with his life."  His character is so genuine (though by no means perfect, I mentioned the receding hairline, dorky glasses, drinking and driving, and smoking like a chimney throughout the entire film) "I am doing something, I'm a husband and a father, it turns out that was my calling". She married him out of circumstances, not out of love, and in the end she just ended up hurting herself, and more importantly, him (a not extremely intelligent, but nonetheless a nice guy). That is the moral of the movie. Poor Ryan Gosling. I'm sure I am misinterpreting the main point of this movie, and most girls would focus on the "young love" portion of this movie. Not I!

So the only thing that did not depress me about this movie was the camel colored backpack that Michelle carries around with her.
So my friends, I am on a goodwill hunt for one of these, going to be a tough one to find...but I'm going to give it a good girl scout try!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'd Like to Ad"dress" this Situation

I went to put on my favorite dress this morning, and it had a nice big stain on the front of it! Blast! So rather than cut wearing it completely, or take the time for the dreaded hand wash, I just put another dress over it.
Sandals: Charlotte Russe $25, Dress (under) American Rag, Macy's $40, Dress (over) Goodwill $4, Belt: Goodwill $1

Thought it turned out kinda cute.

Had a wonderful birthday this year with my new friends in Denver, H\had a little bit too much fun and spent the entire day Sunday hating my decision to A. Stay out in the 95 degree sun all day B. Start drinking at 11am, and C. Have only cake for dinner. 

Even though this is going to embarrass him terribly, I want to share with you all my favorite present. I got a coupon book from my love, which I thought was the cutest thing ever because he struggles so much to "be creative".
The coupons vary from "buy me dinner where ever I wanna go" "Do the dishes!!" "Clean out my car today" to "buy me a puppy" (going to have to wait a few years to redeem this one). My favorite is the "unlimited amount of back massages" which he lifted the recent "never after 9pm" ban. I loved it. I love him. All that Ooie Gooie love stuff.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 104: Make Something Monday

I started making this scarf, oh 4 months ago, after seeing this:
 And decided that I needed to put the final touches on it after browsing around Threadsence:
Unfortunately, the guy deleted this tutorial before I got a chance to see it. So, as I do with most things in life, I winged it.

And this is what I came up with:

sorry about the "out of focus" pic here, for some reason I cannot take photos of my own chest! I tried 12 times then my battery died, I swear, 12 times!

I would do a DIY tutorial on this but to be quite honest it is just way to hard to explain. 
Sandals: Old Navy $6, Shorts: Old Navy $2.97, Tank: Target (maternity haha) $4, Necklace/Scarf: made by moi

I dunno, this scarf might be a little crazy hippie lady, even for me...what do you think?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 103: My Birthday Wish List

These are a few of my favorite things,
 #1) Army Jacket: Stipulations: has to be long, has to have a hood, has to be baggy, want it to be army green but will settle for gray.
 #2) Patterned shorts. Top pic is from JCrew, bottom from Stipulations: has some sort of funky or floral pattern.

 #3) this entire outfit from Francesa's, in fact an entire shopping spree would be greatly appreciated.

#4) This necklace from Francesa's.

#5) Nike Free shoes...size 10.5 ladies

#6) Scarf from Francesa's
#7) Belt from Francesa's.....

#8) Some adorable outdoor furniture equipped with cute accessories and paid time off to sit and enjoy it.
#9) Apple Laptop. Extremely lightweight, and extremely long battery life please.
 #10) a lab puppy

There it is, my 27th birthday birthday lists. Please email me for address info. Don't send the puppy. I will pick her up.