Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 162: Aztec Print is my Homie

I am a little obssessed this season with a thing called Aztec Print. I have it on everything: sweatshirts, tights, socks, scarves, even my living room rug. I can't get enough really!

I also am obsessed with Nordstrom Rack for giving me this lovely sweatshirt material Aztec print for a measly $11. You are the best!

My bangs aren't driving me crazy just yet, and there's a girl at work that trims them for me..all she asks is a subway sandwich in return. She is the best too!

Boots: Charming Charlie's $10, Jeggings : Macy's $10, White Shirt: Wal Mart $5, Long Sleeved Shirt: F21 $10, Aztec Print Shirt: Nordstrom Rack $11, Necklace: Fossil Gift from Mom

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 161: Pet Peeve

OK, OK, I know this is a horrible picture...but yes all of that brown stuff is a pile of snow in the KMart parking lot. Mom wanted me to "blog about the snow" but I didn't get home in the daylight, so Mom, this is all you get..for now.
She will be here on Thursday and she will see for herself...24 inches of snow being pushed around Denver. I thought I was going to get my first official snow day from work and I got up all early like a kid in school Friday morning, turned on the news anddddddddddd!!!! Nope. 3,000 other businesses were closed but not mine! Not mine!

We did get sent home 1.5 hours early on Friday afternoon, it was a fun walk home from the light rail let me tell ya! The snow was over my boots and my biggest pet peeve in this world is WET SOCKS! I had to deal with them all damn day at my desk! It was awful! 

 What's your pet peeve?

Anyways this is what I wore today. Got this skirt from Nordstrom Rack for $7...I didn't know you could get ANYTHING at Nordstrom Rack for $7. Apparently they were having their "fall clearance-get-this-crap-out-of-here-so-we-can-make-room-for-all-the-spring-shit sale!
I went in for underwear (I only wear Hanky Pankys) I will have to do a separate blog about my love for Hanky Panky underwear. If you've never tried them please do so. You will not regret it, I promise you!

Boots: Macy's $60, Tights: Target $8, Skirt: Nordstrom Rack $7, Shirt: JCrew (Outlet) $30, Scarf: Express: Gift from Momma, Coat: Tulle (hippie shop in Mt Vernon, IL) $60

Oh yeah, Cardigan too: Old Navy $10

What's in the Kmart bags? Keurig K-Cups (Hazelnut Deliciousness) $12, Toothpaste $3, Teddy Grahams $3, Sour Patch Kids (the biggest bag of them ever!) $3, Kettle Corn $3, Minute Rice $3, Slip on Booties (because my house is negative 6 degrees with hard wood floors) $6

And mom, before you comment I meant to have the KMart bags in the back. I went in there for toothpaste and coffee and came out of there with $50 worth of stuff I don't know the drill! I just wanted to give a shout out to KMart for rockin' my socks off yet again!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Daya 160: Thrifty Thursday

It has been, well, a really long time since I've participated in a Thrifty Thursday.

There is the BEST Goodwill fairly close to my house, added bonus its extremely close to the Super Target. I had a nice lil Saturday.

Banana Republic+ JCrew= a great thrifting experience.

The purse is SUPER cute but its a little hard to carry. I think I'm going to DIY and add a cross body chain, or something to it. Its just a bit awkward, but extremely cute. Nonetheless

Shoes: H&M $25, Jeans: Goodwill (Banana Republic) $5, Purse: JCrew $5, Cardigan: Goody's $20, Shirt: Wal Mart $5, Scarf: Goodwill $3, Earrings: Silpada Gift from Momma, Ring: Gift from Joshua

I am loving these colors!