Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring has Sprung

Boat Shoes $5 Goodwill (Target), Pants: $20 Target, Shirt: JCrew (outlet) $30, Belt Goodwill $1, Scarf: Old Navy (gift from mom)

some pretty flowers starting to bloom in the backyard!!!

I love this time of the year in Denver. Riding my bike everyday to work (I get there in 20 minutes f.y.i) this was last friday's "Casual Friday" look...yeah I'm that behind this week. I said I will do better, and with the sun going down a bit later there will be time for outdoor photos!

I've also somehow missed my one year mark. I have been blogging for a year, wowzers! I need to do something drastic....And I've decided after reading a very inspiring blog- (I will find the link and share it with you) that I am not going to shop for 6 months. Yes. There. I said it. I've decided I spend way too much money trying to add to a closet that is already wayyyyyy too full. And I have 2 of them that are soooo full. So I have decided. No. More. Shopping. And one more closet cleanse.

So on this day of March 29th, 2012, I Lindsey Garrett, will not shop for clothes and I am abiding by the "wear it out and use it up" philosophy. I will explain more in the next post. But I will be documenting this journey and letting you know how it turns out! I'm guessing it will be catastrophic!

The only exemption from this rule- if my favorite shopping partner is in Denver, or I am with her in Illinois. And I can buy presents for others (like my adorable baby nephew...geez, y'all I have a nephew! Did I tell you that?!)

Let's see if I can make it. Ready. GO!!!