Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 35: $20 Make You Holla!

I guess somebody must have heard my ranting yesterday, as I found a little surprise on the sidewalk...
That's right folks! My rebate came early. $20, two little bits of heaven. I asked around, I was a little apprehensive as this sort of thing never happens, and the two guys standing in front of the barber shop, said "nope not mine bra" so I ran with it. I asked if they were filming some documentary on the ethics of our country, and I was on a hidden camera...I got blank stares, as I usually do when talking to dudes outside of Barber shops.  That did raise a valid question in my brain...what is ethical when you find $20 lying on the street? Put up a flyer and say "hey dipshit you dropped $20 call this number if you can describe what it looks like" Who is gonna be honest about that. I dunno. Just call it good Karma and walk on? WWGBD (what would Garth Brooks do?)

I also found this on the side of the building next door...artwork perhaps. I think it keeps changing...could have sworn there was a different picture on there last month....i will have to find out. At any is pretty. I think I will play with my new Gorillapod (its freakin' sweet) and use it as a backdrop......why of course I'll share it with you silly!

Yelp til next time, Peace. Love. And Snowboarding.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 34: Get My Freakity Frackin' Rebate!

For those of you that don't know me, I'm blind. Well not all the way but pretty darn close. I inherited some of the worst sets of eyes on this planet (ok well not the worst I was told contacts go all the way to -20 and I'm a measly -6.5) Anyhew. I'm blind and are you ready for the double bonus round: I have astigmatism! Normal contacts, I'm told, cost about $130 dollars a year (that's what my lovely insurance company covers anyway) mine, $280. Yeah it sucks. Thanks mom (I know, why do I always blame my mother?...cuz she gets so fired up about it that's why! And pretty sure she's the only person that actually reads my blog)
Here's the receipt! Yep $150 dollars out of pocket. Oh and the triple bonus round! Since I have astigmatism I have to pay an additional $75 for a contact fitting! This is on top of my insurance co-pay! SUPER DUPER. And these lovely insurance companies only cover contacts or glasses one per year. So last year I had to pay $250 dollars for glasses (after one of my friends "isn't she the cutest puppy everrrrrrrrrah?" decided to make my only means of night vision her chew toy. (wow I am really ranting here) Ask any person out there (with mid-range crappy eyesight) if they were glasses at night when they take their contacts out. Duh, you kinda have to. Sometimes I don't and play "pretend Josh is Gerard Butler" but that's beside the point!
Coopervison has come together and said, "this is crazy America that you have to pay that much for contacts!" we are gonna give you a rebate.....a whole $30!!!!!!
Oh thanks Coopervision, you multi-million dollar company for letting me have $30 back on a $255 visit to Lenscrafters. I didn't even go anyplace special! It was an effin Lenscrafters for cryin' out loud!

So, you have to print this "rebate form" online, since I can't afford a printer (thanks to you Coopervision) I had to hike my happy bootay over to my local library. With all the other smelly (i'm not sure why but this lady next to me on the computer smelled a bit like old cheese)  people that can't afford printers.
my face looks weird...what is that on my face? Oh yeah, springtime!

My plan of attack was to grab my trusty library card and head 3 blocks over to the Library....until....yeah  that's right my plan was foiled because of Cesar Chavez Day. WTF is Cesar Chavez Day?

I've said it once and I'll say it a million times, I really need to get me a government job.

After what I'm sure was a successful Cesar Chavez Day, the library opened its doors back up on Tuesday and I got in there and printed what I needed

Anyways got it all put together. I'll mail it tomorrow. And wait. Let y'all know if I ever see this $30 prepaid Visa they speak of.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 33: Don't Step on My Blue-Striped Shoes

Target $15 (last spring)
This is one of those embarrassing moments where I reveal that I found shoes in my closet that I have never worn. I'm not sure why but these cutie patooties never made it out of my closet last spring/summer. Yep. Never wore 'em. Not once. But I wore them last weekend and took a picture. I walked to breakfast with miss Yuki-pants and Miss Hosty.  So excited I live in a place that I can actually do that!

I took a picture (try not to zoom in on my face. I had 5 mins to get ready last Sunday)
shoes: Target ($15), Jeans: thrifted ($5), shirt: Hanes ($8 pack of 3), Jacket: Macy's ($15)
I plan on letting these babies see the light of day way more this Spring and Summer.

Alrighty then! Peace out people have a terrific Tuesday!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 32: Give Self-Tanners a Go

I have recently decided to never get back in a tanning bed again...after my recent scare with Melanoma (biopsy came back negative (whew) maybe we should put an end to the fake-baking once and for all.

However, I feel like I look something like Rose in Titanic when she is in freezing water...
yep. That's my skin tone: alabaster.
So what is a Scottish/Irish girl supposed to do to keep herself from being transparent? Self tanners are supposed to be a solution. Problem: They stain and they smell awful.

This is what I bought. I got a dollar off coupon, still I think it was $6. Not too expensive. Used it last night for the first time. It smells a little but nothing like most of 'em I've tried.  I will post pictures periodically to let you know if it works.

Jergens Natural Glow Day 1:
(can't believe I chose my belly as a canvas..)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 31: Go Ski-Biking

Oh yeah kiddos, this was a blasty blast. I really don't know how I lived in the mountains for 3 years and NEVER TRIED THIS....THIS.....SKI BIKING!!!!!

My friend Megs is visiting from Charleston, SC and neither one of us had ever done it before, got a sweet discount, so we thought, why not? 
Sidenote: I've only skied three times in my life on the bunny slopes so the first ride down was, well terrifying! 
How it works: 
They put you in ski boots, then strap these lovely snow-skate lookin' things to your boots (walking around in these is almost as hard as walking in heels...almost) and then you sit your butt down on one of these guys...
I was hell on wheels! The guide at the back of the group (who knocked one of his front teeth out on a ski-bike last week) said I got the "most improved award" at the end of the night. (to be honest I was just getting tired of getting beat down the slopes by this 5 year old girl...she was flying! out of her mind I tell you!)

I will have pictures of me on the bike soon. Megs is gonna email them to me

Moral of the story.... if you ever have a chance to go Ski-Biking do not hesitate...most fun I've had in awhile!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 30: Break Shopping Ban

Well folks, I almost made it. I went 24 days without shopping. That, my friends, is what they call a miracle. Can't believe I couldn't wait another week. But Target, you are the devil. Hear me out, (this is what Josh opens with when he really wants me to pay attention) The original ban on shopping was because I thought my job was going to be no more. I didn't want to travel, they didn't want to keep me in Denver. Had a meeting on Monday...thought I was gettin the boot, and SURPRISE! I kinda got a promotion. To Marketing Coordinator. It is sort of a trial position, maybe temporary but hey! I kept my job!

So as a celebration of my new promotion, I went into target looking for dress clothes. New title, new threads. I need to look a little more professional at times.  I decided to splurge. $75 dollars splurge. Oops. Does it count that every item I bought was on sale? Nope? Yeah I didn't think so. Ok so APRIL, APRIL! is my month of no shopping! Might even try this handy dandy thing called 30 for 30....heard of it? No? well here's the link... you pick 30 articles of clothing, and wear it for 30 days. NO SHOPPING allowed. Yeah I could do this.

These fall into the "professional" category. Well, sort of. (pants $20, blue shirt with cute metallic detail $10.50, puke green shirt $2)
 Check out the price tags, tho!
Target also has this new "sizing chart" thinger on their pants now. Makes it really easy to find pants that fit.
 So my fit is "3, Mid Waist, and Straight hip, Bootcut
I've decided that I'm a solid "three" on the rise  goes all the way down to "six" I believe for the lowest rise. I am getting too old to have the buttcrack hanging out..somehow it just doesn't say "Marketing professional" These pants passed the "buttcrack test" (sitting down in the dressing room seeing if you look like a plumber) with flying colors. "Straight hip" cuz, duh, i have no curves. Thanks Target this is brilliant!

I also had a little fun. Been wanting a pair of white skinny jeans for, well, forever. But can never find any that fit...or that aren't see-through, or that are too short, or that don't pass the butt-crack test, or that cost an arm and a leg (sorry Lucky Brand I can afford you anymore). These had a nice price tag of $20. And they fit all my criteria. Had. To. Buy. Them.
White Skinny Jeans ($20)
Once again "Fit 3, Mid Waist & Straight Hip. Target. I heart you. 

And then there is the Peach, huge, tshirt. I love, love, love, love it! I have a little bit of a girly crush on Indie Jane.( We all have girly crushes right? I'm not sure how I stumbled upon her website in the first place, but I love the way she dresses, love the pictures she takes, and well I have a crush ok!!!  She had this shirt on and I wanted to rip it off of her little cute face!

Peach Oversized Tee $15
looks real cute with my new white jeans, ya think?

Moral of the story today : I set bans. I don't abide by them. Don't judge me. 

I will get a picture of me in my new outfits very soon! Stay tuned (I know you are on the edge of your seats!)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 1: Start your own blog.

Okay friends (can I call you friend?) starting a blog has been on my list for awhile now, how long I can't be certain, but we'll just say "obsessed" is a good word to describe my feelings for blogging. To find a topic to blog about has been my main concern...what will people want to "follow" about me? I am a completely random that's what this blog will be COMPLETELY RANDOM. Momma always said anything worth doin' is worth doin' right, so I'm going big party people. 365 days. Every single day. 365 things i do differently. It will start pretty trivial. But be patient my friends, I will get better at this. So come along with me on this magical journey called "blogging".

Day 29: Display New Colored Bottles

My Mom sent these to me in the mail. Aren't they pretty? K. Bye.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 28: DIY T-Shirt Summer Scarf

I got this one from P.S. I Made This...such a cute website.

What you need: 1 T-Shirt (this one is my favorite Burton t-shirt, I've snowboarded in it for 3 is so worn out it is see-through) 1 pair of scissors, wooden beads (optional)
This is a great way to let your favorite t-shirt live on....on your neck!
I love you Burton tee...we've had some great times together, but It's time for you to take a new form!

Step 1: Cut shirt just below sleeves (in this case right below graphic, and again at the bottom (save this part if you would like to make a bracelet, like I did on day 7)

Step 2: Cut small strips all the way across the bottom.
Step 3: Pull strips.

And that's it! Super easy, huh?

You can also add wooden beads and tie the ends, like I did here.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 27: Rinse and Reuse

I have been trying for awhile to be more eco-friendly. Living in Colorado this is pretty easy to do. Here are the golden 5 small steps that I follow when trying to make less of an imprint in this world.

#1) Use reusable bags
The key here is to not leave them in the trunk of your car, which I tend to do these beauties from Trader Joe's the last time I was in California...super durable and they hold a lot of stuff. Don't be afraid to bring them with you to the mall (how many more Forever 21 bags does one need, really?)

Rule #2) Reduce, Reuse, Recyle
My mother taught me how to do this many, many years ago. She would collect her recyclables and once a month take it 45 mins to the closest recycling place. So I don't wanna here any "my town doesn't do curbside pickup" bullcrap. My mom was a mother of 3 and worked full time and she found the time to recycle! She also has a strict no littering policy. Once when I was young I threw my Popsicle stick out the window of the backseat, because, well it was just one Popsicle stick right? Oh no, she whipped a U-turn so fast and made me look 30 mins until I found it. I have never littered since. I wish everyone's mother was as concerned about the environment as mine. 

Rule #3) Buy reusable containers whenever possible
This is the first time I have bought a reusable milk container. I have to drive a little bit further to the Sunflower Market off Colorado to get it, but it is worth it!

Rule #4) Don't leave the water running when you brush your teeth.
This is just ridiculous and has no point. The girl I shared a hotel room with did this and I about had a fit! Really what does that accomplish? NOTHING!!!!

Rule #5) Shop at the Goodwill
Keeps it out of the landfills people, and it saves you money! Win Win

I have many more rules that I follow, but these are the simplest. After all, we only have one earth.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 26: Survive St. Paddy's Day

As I have recently posted, I had the privilege of going to Carrolton, MO this week for work. Population 4,122. The problem: St Paddy's is my favorite holiday (Scottish-Irish, hello?), green is my favorite color. I love seeing it everywhere. So imagine my disappointment when I found I would be stuck in an unfamiliar small town on my favorite day. But my girl/coworker Stephanie (aka RED)and I made the best of the situation. Here are a few rules/guidelines/steps to follow if you ever find yourself stranded in Carrolton MO (or any other small town for that matter) on St Patrick's Day.

9 Steps to Surviving St Paddy's Day in a Small Town: Carrolton, MO edition. 

Step 1: Find local watering hole.

This fine establishment was known as "Wasted Space" how ironic. 

Step 2: Steal green Budweiser swag from the local distributor.

This will not only make you festive, but also make you  popular with the locals.  They love them some Bud swag, and will do anything to get it from you. Trust me on this one.

Step 3: Locate pool table.

This always serves as entertainment, no matter your skill level. Pool. Is. Fun. Good way to make friends, (or in my case mouth the kid that strutted in with own pool cue and then biffed on his first break.)

 Step 4: Use whatever prop necessary to make your pool playing sucessful.

Stephanie used this lovely to really smack those balls hard. I think you will be seeing this method used at the Pool Championships on ESPN next year.

Step 5: Make your way to the dance floor.

If there is no dance floor. Simply make your own. If there is no music. Make your own. This will also make you extremely popular with the locals. They love hearing the sound of my singing. It reminds them of a dying cow. Sidenote: if you can get something that blinks, or flashes, or both, to take on the dance floor with you it is a major plus. The point is to make everyone look at you. (because they totally haven't noticed the extremely obnoxious "city girls" that "aint from around here" at this juncture in the evening)

Step 6: Locate guy in Affliction tshirt and compliment on his sparkles.

I guarantee if you are in a Midwest bar there will be at least one dude in a sparkly tshirt. Its hip. Stamped it.

Step 7: Take your talents outside.
Don't spend all your time inside the smoked filled barn tin can. Check out the surrounding perimeter and see what funny pictures you can take. Or hang from a blinking Stephanie displays below.

Step 8: Flex your muscles.

Let em know there is a lil Irish Fight in ya!

Step 9: Get back to hotel safely.

There you have it! 9 Steps to surviving St Paddy's Day in a small town!