Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 149: I Want Candy...Stripes

I was checking out at the Goodwill and the lady, as she's scanning my shirt, says "Oh are you going as a Candy Striper for Halloween?" No, actually this is an everyday shirt, lady! Its JCrew! On closer inspection, yes it does seem to lean towards, "Candy Stiper" with the red pants but I mamboed right out of there with the vest...right?

Boots: Macy's $60, Pants: Goodwill $5, Shirt: Goodwill (JCrew) $3, Vest: Old Navy $20, Necklace: F21 $6
Anyways big Monday for me today folks, two interviews, the latter of the two being the most important. I want this job so bad...details to follow!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 148: First Snow

I woke up yesterday morning to find this going on in my backyard. I knew it was going to snow, but I had no idea it was going to snow 6 inches! The leaves haven't  quite fallen off all the trees yet, so even though it was quite beautiful a lot of Denver homes were without power yesterday. I lucked out.

Boots: Macy's $60, Socks: Wal Mart $1, Tights: Wal Mart $3, Sweather: F21: $20, Jacket: Gift from my lova, Scarf: Maurices Gift from my Momma. Picture Frame: Free!

So now, with all this snow, I can really bust out the cozy sweater, boots, and oh yeah..did I mention I got a present awhile back? 
Remember how obsessed I was with this jacket from Gap but how I couldn't afford the hefty price tag? Well I guess somebody was reading my blog and wanted to brighten my day. The card read, "sorry I couldn't get you a real present on your birthday Love, Josh" I love that boy. He actually reads my blog too!

It is also Thrifty Thursday...mine is more like "Dumpster Diving Thursday". Yes, I do this from time to time because my neighbors leave all this perfectly good furniture in their back alleys all the time. I mean who throws out this perfectly good (but slightly dirty) Antique chair. The price!

I mean, how awesome is this fabric?

 I have a project in mind for the picture frame for my new "Craft Studio" area, as a jewelry display!

Ok, I know it is a bit dingy, I've tried upholstery cleaner, Oxiclean and I've Febreezed the puddin out of it. Anybody know any tips for getting "dingy-ness out of fabric?" 

If I can't get the dingy-ness out, I am going to just take the fabric off and  make these:

I like the red one with some poinsettias for Christmas Gifts....what do you think?

Aint nothing in this world like a little dumpster diving!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 147: DIY Halloween Decoration

At this point there is one thing I do know: I have a lot of time on my hands! My friend Yuki is having a massive Halloween party this Saturday and it started innocently enough, "I want to make her a Halloween sign!" That somehow morphed into this monstrosity:

If you can't quite make it out it says "Enter if You Dare"

What you will need for Halloween Monstrosity of a Sign:
  • Fence Posts (the older the better)
  •  Hammer and Nails
  • Christmas Lights
  • Fake Spider Web Stuff
  • Black Posterboard (cut out whatever letters you would like your sign to say)
  • Various Foam tombstones (got mine at the dollar store)
  • White Tshirt and Magic Marker (for ghosts)
Then you sort of just assemble it all together (Sorry I didn't do a picture step by step, I sort of felt a creative vibe and couldn't stop to take pictures) 

Happy Halloween Everybody!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 146: Goodbye Sandals, Hello Auntiehood!

Well its inevitable, the snow is on its way tomorrow. I decided to give my favorite sandals (thanks mom) one last tour on the town before winter rears its ugly head.

I also had an awesome wake up call this morning, my nephew has reared his cute little head out into the world! He is healthy and beautiful, and my first trip into Auntie-land. He is three states away, unfortunately so I can't hold him just yet. I wanted to just hop on a plane to be there to welcome him into this world but I have a second interview tomorrow. Job first, then hold bebe.

I love the color of these pants, you will probably get sick of seeing these this fall/winter, I feel they will be making lots of appearances. I do also love the color the Aspen trees have been turning...its almost neon yellow. So purty. 

Sandals: Steve Madden (mom's closet) Rust Skinnies: Goodwill $5, Tank: Kmart $10,  Bandini Bra: Hanes $10 for pack of 2, Cardigan: Goody's $20, Necklace $6

Welcome to Colorful Colorado.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 145: Case of the Inspiration Mundays.

"Looks like somebody's got a case of the MUNdays!"

Little quote from office space to start your week. I love that movie. I'm not so crazy about my outfit today, but the inspiration for this week over at Two Birds Inspiration Monday is Sarah Jessica Parker (my fave) so I had to participate.

 And here is my take (yawn)

Shoes: Goodwill (Target) $5, Jeans: Goodwill (Target) $6, Sweater: F21 $20, Shirt: Target $10, Necklace: Made by Moi

Don't get me wrong I love me some oversized sweater action, but it is supposed to be 74 degrees in Denver today! However, tomorrow we have a forecast of 32 and snow....ahhhh Denver in the Fall. So unpredictable. But I love it. The outfit is not inappropriate, however, as I am doing a lot of stuff around the house today, which is always a balmy 55 degrees, no matter the temperature outside. Ahh exposed brick and wood floors.

The new roomie moved in all of her stuff yesterday so I am moving and shaking things around in the living room, trying to get it all situated. I'm also looking at craft studio inspirations, hopefully her and I can come to an agreement about how to use our space. She will have to have a home office and I just have to have somewhere to craft/create jewelry masterpieces!

Some Craft Studio Inspiration Monday:

I like the "Craft Studio" lettering on the wall.

Get organized!!
Use some color!
Or perhaps pops of red.
Jewelry display a must!

 Have a good Monday party people!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 144: Thrifty Thursday...errrr Friday!

Ok, sorry everyone, I've been slackin this week. My bff is here from Missouri looking for jobs (as am I) so we have been helping each other out this week with outfit choices (duh, that's the most important) critiquing resumes, doing facials and manis, and running all over Denver looking for jobs. It has been super fun and I am so glad she is here going through this nonsense with me. Its been nice to have some girl time with my best bud.

Anyways, needless to say haven't had much time (or the funds, frankly) to thrift this week so I have been looking on the internet for some fresh inspiration. always does the trick for me! I came across this wonderful idea I would have never thought of: layering a sweater over a shirtdress! Brilliant!

And here's my take:

Boots: Charming Charlie $10, Dress: Goodwill $5, Sweater: KMart $10, Necklace: Fossil Gift from Mom

It got a little chilly this afternoon so I just threw on some jeggings. You could also pair this with tights. But this is super cute, no?

What's Thrifted?!
Dress: Goodwill (Target) $5

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 143: A Lil' Bit of Floral Never Hurt Nobody

There has been one thing that has been lacking in my closet: floral. I feel usually it is much too girly, I am reminded back to my 8 year old self that was given a sweatshirt from my grandma. I'm pretty sure it was "Bonjour" or one of those weird 80's brands, the "bonjour" part was written in girly, girly floral. I was forced to wear it when my Grandma was around. I really disliked it, but I loved my Grams and didn't want to hurt her feelings. This was when I was balls-deep in my super tomboy stage. To illustrate how tomboy I really was I'm going to do this. I'm going to show my one of my grade school pictures to the blogger world. God help me.
Told you it was horrendous. hope you had a good laugh...apparently tie-dyed was ok, floral not ok.
So I am slowly trying to put it back in my wardrobe....slowly.

Shoes: Target $15, Jeans: (MEK) The Buckle (had since college) Floral Shirt: KMart $10, Denim Shirt: Wal Mart (Miley Cyrus) $5, Cardigan: Goody's $15 (gift from mom)

I would also, never, ever, paint my fingernails....ewwwwwwww! I just recently started (I swear the first time I had my fingernails painted was a few months ago) And my sister picked out this lovely color for me. I believe it to be awesome. Thanks sister. Sidenote: never post any pictures of my hand again...especially my creepy finger (I broke it a few years ago playing volleyball). The doc told me it wouldn't grow back straight without surgery, I said, "well Doc I'm no hand model, so that is completely unnecessary!"

Do you have any hideous grade school pictures you wish would just spontaneously com-bust?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 142: Well, That Was Easy

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have noticed the current trend (well, I believe it started last summer actually) of feather earrings. Some are pretty extreme, some are medium crazy, and some are just right.

After doing a little research, and cringing at multiple price tags (hello $45!) I decided, hey, I could make that!
So I Googled "how to make feather earrings", watched a video, went to JoAnn's Fabrics, spent $12 (this is for multiple earrings,etc) and viola! Feather Earrings.

I am serious about this too ladies, the easiest DIY I've ever made. When I get my craft studio up and running, I will share how easy it really is! But for now I want to just show you the end result.

Creepy side profile!

Gladiators: Steve Madden (mom's closet), Pants: Goodwill (Calvin Klein) $4, Top: Goodwill (Lucky Brand) $3
This is my first go at this so the tops of the feathers seem to be "molting" a little bit, but I think the next go round will be way better. I am also working on another "feather hair clip" I can't wait to share! 

Ugh, It's Monday already isn't it. Booooooooo....

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 141: No Muss, No Fuss

To explain the photos I am about to show you #1) this was 8am #2) my coffee had not kicked in yet #3) I stayed up 'til midnight or so in anticipation and an unwillingness to shut my brain down to reboot. I wanted to show all of the photos I took in all their glory!

seriously, how could I not notice the horrendous-ness that is going on in my crotch region? 

Hello creepy ya doin? And yeah, cover that stuff below the waist up!

Shoes: Payless $9, Pants: NYandCo $20, Shirt (which I'm burning) Kohl's:$15, Belt: Goodwill $1, Trench: Boutique in Mt Vernon, IL (i know, right!) $40 (75% off.....BOOYAH!)
Oh yeah there is way more "awkward pelvis thrusts" where that came from people! I feel like one of those trench coat flashers that scare old ladies in public places. Luckily I'm wearing pants. Luckily.

Let's review 3 things that are wrong with this outfit when going to a job interview(or just in general, really) (Luckily I noticed after this picture was taken....who says this Blog is a complete waste of time?!!! ) 

So that's #1) Crazy Hair #2) Undone Fly and #3) Camel Toe
But yes, I had an interview yesterday morning....a real live one! I had to dress up and everything (I have been dying to wear this coat somewhere!) The job is Marketing/Admin for a Dental office. I'm not sure how it went just yet (I have stopped getting excited about anything these days) but I will keep ya posted (Mom). If I don't get it I will blame it on the Camel Toe. If all else fails: blame the Camel Toe..I think I just came up with the next big idea for a bumper sticker.

Anyhow! Tomorrow is Friday and who has two thumbs and doesn't have to work this weekend? THIS GIRL!!!