Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 152: Missing In Action

Alrighty. Very sorry about the 10 day absence there folks. I started a new job last week as an Admissions Counselor for an online university and will be starting my Master's degree in April (whoo hoo!!!) The tricky part has been that the training goes from 8am-5:30pm everyday. Not too much time left for blogging. Plus it is pinch black  when I get home now (dang you daylight savings time!) I am going to have to start taking outfit  pictures in the dark (boo) or inside (double boo) Also my internet hasn't been working all week, which really makes me an angry bear at Comcast.

However, I did happen pre-job to find some dandy thrifty treasures I would like to share with you today.

My little "craft studio" is starting to come along quite nicely....
Goodwill Pillows: Yellow $1, Pink $2

Seat Cushion: Goodwill (World Market) $1.50,

Lil Cabinet Thingie to house all my crafting items $4

Desk: Craigslist $20

It has a little extended part for when I'm hardcore crafting and need more space..

Then it slides in to give me more space when I'm not.

Next on the list for the craft studio....a handy jewelry organizer frame-thingie!


I have to dress "business casual" at my new job an the outfits have been really ho-hum and not worth posting. I am stepping up my game!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 151: New Day

Yes. I got a job. A fabulous job in a fabulous Downtown Denver location. I start Monday. Yeah, I'm kind of a big deal. Details to come soon!

Boots: Uggs Christmas Gift, Tights: F21 $6, Shirt: F21 $20, Vest: The Buckle (got it 400 years ago) Jacket: Goodwill $7, Necklace: Fossil Gift from mom, Hat: Wal Mart $6

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 150: My New Favorites

I'm in Love! I'm in Love! and I don't care who knows it!!!! (Just thinking about it being the time of the year when I can watch Elf 400 times and it not be frowned upon makes me very happy)
 I saw these babies in H&M last time I was shopping with Mom Terri (she is the best shopping partner ever and I miss her face) but was highly disappointed when all they had was a size 9...normally my big ol gargantuan feet would NEVER fit into a size 9, but these shoes must have been meant for me...magically they fit. Plus they are faux fur (yes faux never real) so no need for socks! I have hardwood floors and an exposed brick house so these have been on my feet around the house for some time now. Thought it was time to get them out of the house and out on the town!

Shoes: H&M $24, Skinnies: Wal Mart $10, Camisole: Goodwill $1, Top: JCrew (outlet) $30

What do you think? Are they too slipper-tastic? A tad bag lady? Should they stay in the house? Nahhhhhhhh.