Friday, May 18, 2012

80's Night

There is one theme party I can really dig. And that is 80's night.

Especially when my bangs look like this....
Mainly I like 80's parties because I never have to go to Forever 21 to pick up some "80's essentials" like my friends do. I have the world's best costume box. It is a collection of awesomeness that I have not donated over the years and decided to keep at an easy reach in my closet.

Shoes: Goodwill $5, Jeggings: Macy's $10, Shirt: Goodwill $1.50, Belt: Goodwill $1, Shades: Goodwill $1

This is my friend Megan, You can't see it, but she is wearing a tutu...and she's about 6'4'' in this picture, and you can't see her awesomeness....that doesn't show through polaroids.
I have to get back to 2012 now. :(

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Insert Clever Title Here*

Boots: Charming Charlie's $10, Jeggings: Macy's $10, Shirt: Lucky Brand $40, Blazer: Calvin Klein: $40

Do you ever see yourself in a photo, and say....that was a bad choice. Probably should never wear these jeggings with anything that does not cover my booty...well....ever. And really don't wear short boots with them either because that is also not flattering for your lower region.

 I also got to casual friday at work last week and my manager (who is a guy, btw) had on exactly the same shirt! Red, white and blue plaid, we looked like an American Eagle commercial. I got made fun of a lot from my coworkers. I wanted to crawl under my cube and hide, either he was being feminine or my shirt is a bit masculine. I'm going with his was feminine Dammit!!!!

Happy Humpday everyone..

Had another good weekend at the 50% off sale at the Goodwill (yes there was another one, I can only hope this is going to be a permanent thing on Saturdays....and in that case I will have to arise really early so I can get the super good stuff!!!!!) Posts to come :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

To Dye For

A few weeks ago to highlight their opening of a new store in nearby Longmont, CO, Goodwill decided to have 50% off all of their stores! AND I HAD NO IDEA!!! I got to the first Goodwill (my favorite in Highlands Ranch, the richie-rich part of town) and I noticed it was abnormally packed, then I saw the glimmer of hope in the 50% OFF EVERYTHING sign!
Shoes: Target $14, Pants: Goodwill $4, Shirt: Goodwill (Gap) $1.50, Belt: Fossil, Gift

This shirt was my ultimate favorite purchase. I also got a lot more stuff...stay tuned, I will post!

Monday, May 7, 2012


So. I bought a pair of leopard pants. And I love them. Stamped it.

And I stole these earrings from my best friend...shhhhhhhhh :)
And I also tried this "Sock Bun" thing I found on Pinterest. The Perfect Bun
Cute, huh?