Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Saturday Morning Goodness

Oh yeah, that's a lovely face mask. Not sure why I decided to share this lovely version of myself!


Shoes: Steve Madden (mom's closet) Leggings: Wal Mart $3, Tunic: Goodwill $4, Necklace: F21 $6

Saturday Morning consisted of: Brett Dennen on Pandora, a really yummy breakfast (actually made by me!) goodwill hunting (nothing spectacular to show for it, but you win some, you lose some, Target (no shoes, no shirts, no shopping ban problem!) and my new favorite item of clothing: this sort of purple colored tunic thingie. It is heaven I tell you, the most comfortable thing you could put on.

I then proceeded to get a little sunshine and volleyball playin in at the park. And Pho 79 with my favorite man...tax season is almost over, can't wait to get my boyfriend back! He has been working upwards of 70 hours per week, and I am feeling very neglected!

Saturday night consisted of splitting a bottle of wine with my new girl Hilary, then 2 for 1 late night happy hour with my girl Shannon. Lots of laughs, and an "oh my God, its 2 am?! When did that happen!?" Good day sir, good day.

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